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The average charge for massage service in America is $68, with the average earning wage being $47 an hour after the business you work for takes their share.
There are two other apps that offer on-demand services, with session starting at $100. These companies keep 30% of your income. Advertising with Local Massage Pros is the only on-demand platform that allows your ad to stand out from the crowd. You have the ability to set your own price, location of your personal studio, education, techniques, and add personal photos. Our SMS text message feature links past clients directly to your ad to prompt them to leave a rate and review directly from their mobile, assuring more client advocacy than any other competitor. Also, the client contacts you directly & pays you directly, Local Massage Pros only collects your monthly advertising fee!

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Placement in search results 4Bottom half of your cityTop half of your city
Numbers of Photos 448
Available now banner on your profile120 minutes when activated
In weekly newsletterOnly for first weekOnly for first weekWith each new 5 star review
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Ability to travel
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When you register, we will give you a reference code. If anyone signs up to advertise on our site and uses your reference code, we will give you 30% of their monthly fee in the form of a monthly check. So contact all your old classmates there is no limit to the number of references you can have!

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