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Out Call- 90 Min : $0
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Gender Served : Male
Hrs Year Exp : 550 hrs /10 years


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a healing art practiced by the native Hawaiian for generations. Lomi Lomi that I offer is Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. The Temple Bodywork has been practiced by the Hawaiian shaman (kahuna), and passed down by shamanic teachers. This unique modality of love, intimacy, and compassion will take you to a different level of yourself, beyond the relaxation that you have ever experienced. This modality sacred in many different ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, sensually, and more, has been very popular and well-received among my clients here in Dallas, and is now available to you.

Whom is it best for? Clients who would like to take themselves to a different level of self, in many different ways - physically, mentally, spiritually, sensually, and beyond. Anyone whose heart and mind are open to anything that may happen to inside yourself during a session, including self-discovery, healing, recollection of and relief from old memories/wounds, sudden awareness of connection with your own divine being(s), and more. Highly personal and intimate sessions are to be expected. Due to the strokes/techniques/runs used in this modality, no draping or minimum draping is recommended for your full Lomi experience, but regular draping with a sheet is also available depending on your comfort level.

Deep Massage (The Lauterstein Method)
Rooted in "RolfingĀ®" and comparable to what is commonly called "Deep Tissue Massage" and "Myofascial Release." It is a massage technique designed to work and focus on deeper layers of soft tissues (muscle and fascia), as well as tendons, with very slow strokes with fingers, loose fists, forearms, and back of elbow (not elbow itself). Despite of what is commonly believed, Deep Massage (The Lauterstein Method) is NOT a "painful" modality. The Lauterstein Method is "a way to work both structure and energy of your body." It is to "make connections" with your fascia which surround and bunch up the muscles, "listen" to them, and "work to" the nervous system that is the only way to communicate with the muscles to change their state, or to be "loosened." Before the session, your body structure may be assessed and evaluated for a most effective session possible.

Whom is it best for? Clients who have any major or minor chronic structural issues on their soft tissues (posture that causes soft tissue problems, bone ill-alignment that is caused by soft tissue problems, chronically shortened muscles due to their daily life/work).

Swedish Massage
A circulatory massage that is very relaxing and also invigorating. Helps reduce stress both emotionally and physically. Designed to work on your superficial muscles, and help your circulatory system to release toxins from the muscles by pushing used blood back towards the heart, as well as bring fresh oxygen-filled blood from the heart, with slow and long strokes.

Whom is it best for? Clients who have no or only minor chronic issues on their soft tissues, and who would like to feel relaxed during/after the session. The Swedish session can be sensual* if you wish.
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