Tips to know before you start your career as a massage therapist

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Massage therapy is all about providing a relaxing experience for your client. The client comes to you to get physical as well as mental relaxation. If you can provide the same level of relaxation as your client expects, there is an exciting career opportunity waiting for you.

Being a massage therapist has few perks attached to it, and it is a lucrative career option. Moreover, it creates a good opportunity for those who seek extra income by choosing a part-time therapist job. However, you need to be dedicated to the profession and approach it in the right way.

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How massage therapy benefits in your mental wellness

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Massage therapy has multiple benefits on your physical health, and medical science has acknowledged it earlier itself. In the recent times, medical research has put forward the learning that massage therapy can give you mental health benefits as well. And there are studies that prove that a proper massage therapy has the same benefits like a psychotherapy session.

If you are wondering how massage therapy can benefit your mental health, here is your quick read. Here we discuss the common health issues where massage therapy can be of great help.

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Five Health Benefits of Massage

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Massage is a great way to pamper yourself. After a tiring day at work or a stressful week in your office, you can give yourself a relaxing treat by making an appointment with a massage therapist. Not only that, it is a great way to treat yourself or your loved ones on their birthday or a special occasion. Apart from the great feeling you get after a good massage session, there are also medical benefits. It can aid your physical and mental well-being.

Here are 5 health benefits of massage:

  • It relieves pain: Massage can relieve several types and levels of pain including headaches, arthritis pain, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia pain. According to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it has been found out that 74% of participants found massage very helpful after 10 weeks of massage when they examined the effectiveness of massage for pain relief as compared to that of other pain management techniques. Again, a research supported by NCCAM proved that 60-minute sessions of Swedish massage once each week can reduce the pain in osteoarthritis patients.
  • It boosts your mood: Massage can be an effective technique to boost your mood. In case you experience mood swings or depression, you should seek help from a mental health professional and seek his advice as to whether you can go for massage therapy. In a university in Miami, researchers tracked the depression levels of expectant mothers who either received a physical massage or practiced progressive muscle relaxation for 5 weeks. The pregnant mothers who received massages had more energy, were feeling less depressed, and less stressed.
  • It fights insomnia: A good massage can boost restful sleep since it can manipulate the hormone levels in your body. Massage is known to promote the level of serotonin that is a neurotransmitter that can produce melatonin. Melatonin, in turn, helps to develop healthy sleep cycle. Research also claims that massage can promote the release of delta waves that are present in the deepest state of sleep. A report claims menopausal women who received regular massage noticed an improvement in their quality of sleep.
  • It can boost the immune system: Studies show that apart from lowering cortisol levels and boosting your feel-good factor, massage can boost your immune system by increasing the body’s natural T cells and lymphocytes that can ward off viruses and protect your body from infection and diseases.
  • It reduces inflammation: A study made by researchers in Buck Institute for Research in Aging showed that massage therapy reduces inflammation of severely damaged skeletal muscle. It indicated that massage may work in the same way anti-inflammatory medicines does.

It is a truth that massage is a seriously indulgent treat. But receiving massage regularly can also have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. It is wise to take advantage of an all-natural, medication-free, self-health practice that relaxes your body, aids you sleep better and makes you feel wonderful while you’re receiving it. Consider taking an appointment with a massage therapist soon.

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Improve Your Sleep with Massage

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Insomnia can affect all aspects of your life including your relationships and performance at work. When you don’t obtain proper sleep, you are more prone to be cranky with your co-workers, spouse, family members, and get irritated easily. You also tend to be less efficient at work and remain depressed.

Studies claim that people who suffer from insomnia are four times more prone to experience problems in relationships. It is also said that insomnia can impair cognitive processes and make you more prone to heart issues and depression. Lack of sleep also affects your immune system function and you are more likely to get sick.

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Five Tips to Get the Best Out of Your First Professional Massage

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Getting a massage from a professional is very beneficial as he or she knows how to make your muscles relax. As a first-timer, you must be worried about how to prepare for your massage session and how it will go. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

Here are five tips that will aid you to make the most of your first professional massage:

  • Maintain Silence:

Try to relax completely during your massage session. Inform everything you need to, to your therapist beforehand so that you will not have to talk in the middle. In case you don’t want to let your therapist touch certain parts of your body, let him know before the session starts. Tell your therapist whether you want a customized full-body massage for relaxation or a stress reduction massage. It is common for a first timer to chat during the massage as they are usually nervous. But you will benefit more if you remain silent and just enjoy the body massage.

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Is it Wise to Stick with the Same Massage Therapist?

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Are you among those who visit massage therapists on a regular basis? You might be wondering if it is wise to see the same therapist every time or if it is better to switch it up and make appointments with different therapists. Well, there are advantages of both sticking to one or to the same two or three and switching it up as well. Read on further to know the advantages of both.

Advantages of visiting the same massage therapist:

There are plenty of advantages of seeing the same massage therapist every time.

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